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Ayurveda Frittata Deliciousness & Winter Digestive Tea

Ayurveda Frittata Deliciousness & Winter Digestive Tea thumbnail

I've been experimenting in the kitchen with some Ayurveda recipes. Tried this one this morning and it came out spectacularly more tasty than I was expecting. It's the perfect Saturday or Sunday morning start or it could be served for lunch when digestion is at it's highest and best. It's a wonderful recipe for a [...]

Want to Learn to “Float” in Your Yoga Practice?

Want to Learn to “Float” in Your Yoga Practice? thumbnail

You've seen those Instagram yogis floating forward and back, hovering just for a few moments before gently setting the feet on the ground. Maybe you've even seen them seemingly float into handstand or into crow or from crow into handstand then into some amazing circus-like backbend. I have news for you. You...(yes, you!) can learn [...]

Ayurveda Guide to Autumn

Ayurveda Guide to Autumn thumbnail

One of the things I love most about Ayurveda is that, each season has its inherent wisdom and offers us tools & teachings if we want to receive them. According to Ayurveda the season of fall to early winter is ruled by the elements of Air and Ether, which translate into the qualities of dryness, [...]

Adjust Your Downward Facing Dog for Ease in the Shoulders, Hamstrings and Low Back thumbnail

Yoga fact: Downward Facing Dog isn't always wonderful for your shoulders, hamstrings and low back. Yep. It's 100% true. Sometimes, this "rest" pose can aggravate rather than alleviate. The yoga trick is to add in some adjustments to your downdog. These adjustments can be a little challenging (to change things up in your current practice) [...]