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However You Phrase It, This Path Gets You There.

Most of us come to yoga as a physical practice, to get stronger or become more flexible. Maybe we also come to generate some ease in our bodies or look to it for healing from injury or stress. The yoga I practice and teach offers all of this, and a few other things as well. Join me on the journey...


The weather is warming up and the lake awaits! Hope you'll join me for some SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Yoga.

Schedule will be live April 26th...

Weekend Immersion for All Levels


Immerse yourself in the daily practice (Sadhana) of yoga in a mountain retreat setting where you can sink into Ayurveda for rejuvenation & restoration.

We’ll meet up in the Mountains of Western North Carolina in an Ayurveda Retreat Center where nature abounds & sunrise yoga is the start of each day.

You'll experience the transformational power of daily yoga, the rejuvenating power Ayurveda, the nourishing effects of foods for optimal wellness with plenty of time for reflection and connection to the beauty of the WNC mountains.

Get more info & checkout the daily flow by following the Learn More & Register link to the right. Yoga Alliance continuing education credit is available for registered yoga teachers.


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Private Nutrition + Wellness Coaching

Work With Me One-On-One

Ayurveda offers a holistic, individualized form of healing that the body responds to in amazing ways. It works hand-in-hand with yoga to move the body toward optimal health.




" My time in Costa Rica was absolutely transforming. I let go of the clutter in my mind and was able to focus on myself and my future….creating clarity and peace. I brought that home with me along with the motivation to create ways keep it with me! "

-- Keli

" Sonya, I was absolutely amazed by the Ayurveda Wellness Session I attended this past Wednesday with you and for the phenomenally precise and detailed follow-up report and recommendations you prepared for me! You are such a professional and so knowledgeable in your field. I would urge everyone who wishes to know more about their own personal lifestyle and wants to improve themselves to contact you for a private session. Thank you sincerely for the time and effort you exhibited in my session!! "

-- Jacque

" If you are looking for a week of self-reflection there is no better place to do it than in Costa Rica. Doing yoga twice a day and meditating at night really helped me look within myself during a very difficult time in I my life. I would not trade this opportunity for the world! "

-- Hillary

" I am now back home in LA with such fond memories of our magical yoga meditation retreat in Costa Rica! I'm especially missing Sonya's soothing voice and her awesome yoga classes that had you doing poses you didn't even think you could. Ryan is also awesome...his meditation teachings and his knowledge of Vedic Astrology are so very insightful! I'm so excited to hear that they plan on doing another retreat. I would love to join in the next adventure and make more progress and memories! "

-- Janet

" In 2010 I had a car accident where I was rear ended at a very high speed. I went through years of doctors, therapy and $11,000 in medical and therapy bills until the doctor who helped me told me he really couldn't do any more for me. The pain was pretty much all the time. I went to the first yoga for back care class then the second. After the second class, I noticed my SI joint didn't hurt any more. I kept thinking it would come back and I found myself still standing on my left foot from habit. It kind of felt "reset." I would say 90% of the pain is gone and I think it is in the process of healing the rest of the way now. In the quality of my life, the results from yoga have been nothing short of a miracle! "

-- Fred