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Autumn Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop

Nourish and Support Your Body Through the Seasons!

Utilizing yoga asana & the ancient practice of ayurveda, learn how to stay optimally healthy through the change of the seasons.

This 2-hour workshop will include a yoga routine for fall to keep you grounded and balanced, take home recipes, and supportive handouts to help you make skillful choices to nourish your health.

According to Ayurveda the season of fall to early winter is ruled by the elements of Air and Ether, which means the qualities of dryness, subtlety, movement & spaciousness are most dominant.  Each season has its inherent wisdom and offers us teachings if we are sensitive enough to receive them.

As we become more attuned to the rhythms of nature we will find that we naturally begin to shift our diet and our activities to reflect the changes in season, and these changes will allow us to synchronize with the new season so that we can avoid imbalances.

Common autumn imbalances are colds and flu, achy joints, dry skin, constipation, nervousness, and anxiety.

Learn how to by-pass the common imbalances, stay healthy and nourished and enjoy the seasons!

In Studio Workshop: October 18, 2015

Cost: $50
Location: YAM (Yoga and Massage) Hendersonville, NC
4-6 pm
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Online Seminar: October 25, 2015

Cost $25
4-5:30 pm
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