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Costa Rica Retreat & Early Morning Practice

Here’s a little 45-ish minute yoga practice for you filmed on the fly in Costa Rica at Manu Villas & Spa. costaricayogasequence1_2015

Just fyi, this was filmed with my phone so it’s not perfectly scripted or edited!

My hope is that you’ll find it useful and fun! This particular sequence is great for any time of day you need a little boost of energy but it’s especially good for travel days when you have to spend copious amounts of time on a plane or in a car

The word that arrived and stuck with me on this particular retreat is,  “enlivened.” I felt enlivened by the lush green jungle, the soaking in the salt water pools, play in the ocean and of course our time practicing yoga.

How is it we forget to take time for ourselves to just be restored and rejuvenated and ENLIVENED by the depth and breadth of our practice?

Each and every retreat, we stop and take the time to really look deeply at what we hope to manifest and change in our lives. We use the positive power of meditation combined with the practice of Hatha Yoga to get clear then make a plan with actionable steps to create new healthy patterns in our lives.

What happens every year is flat out amazing!

I come back enlivened, inspired and ready. There is always new ease, receptivity and an excitement….the feeling of “being ready for whatever comes….”

If you haven’t been on a yoga retreat and are thinking about it, I have two words for you. Do. It.

Go get your name on the Retreat List so you’ll get updates first about the next retreat with 4 The Love of Yoga.


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