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Full Moon Yoga Flow – Asheville, NC

Get Your Yoga Shine on with a Deep Core Full Moon Yoga Flow!


This internal, mindful practice brings the focus inward to the deep core line of the body to activate and access it from the ground up moving holistically to detoxify and beautify by candle light.

Expect to reclaim lost vitality and energy in a slow powerful meditative flow that focuses on the breath, leaving us calm, peaceful and ready for whatever life throws our way.

Come build a slow powerful practice and reclaim your source – your innermost vital self!

The Deep Core Full Moon Flow will include Chandra Namaskara (Moon Salute) rather than the traditional Surya Namasakara (Sun Salute) to warm the body, encourage new muscle length, new openness and healthy patterning.

…please allow for two hours at the studio, giving yourself ample time to let the practice to “seep in” and (of course) so you won’t have to rush out!