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Power Pose: How to Get Into 8-Angle Pose {Astavakrasana}

This pose, 8-Angle Pose, was illusive to me for years.

The more I tried to muscle my way in using brute strength, the harder it seemed. The strength to lift was relatively easy for me but the flexibility required in the hips and legs in order to fully access the pose…well, let’s just say it HAS to be there. In this pose both strength and flexibility in equal measure are needed.

Life lesson: Strength without flexibility is nice and all but it won’t allow you to bend (when you most need it) to ease through those unexpected changes. šŸ™‚

Here’s how to get into Eight-Angle Pose working your way up into the fullest expression of the pose.

The preparatory poses are all about focusing on flexibility in the hipsĀ andĀ hamstrings (so important) and strength in theĀ arms and belly.

Remember to work BOTH legs and have fun with this practice. It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

One more tip…hold the preparatory poses way longer than is shown in the video. Aim for a good 1-3 minutes in each pose prior to going for the full on 8-Angle Pose.

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