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Wisdom Women, Fire Starters, Healers, Keepers of the Flame…whatever you call yourself…you are a sacred sister. You are one of us.

Our Manifesto...

Sacred Sisters is a collective. It’s a grassroots movement to bring women together with women to access the deep wisdom of what it means to be a WOMAN in this world.

We are fierce and dedicated to this sisterhood thing.

We believe in the power of the crone (those wise women who have been around for awhile). We believe in aging gracefully (naturally). And yes, we have beauty secrets to share. We believe our young ones need guidance as they bloom into womanhood.

We are raising kids, taking care of parents, working our tail feathers off in our businesses, in our jobs, in school and in life to keep it all together.

You, we, us…we all need nourishment that only sisters can give. Our souls are ready to circle up, join hands and maybe even dance under the fullness of the moon in honor of love, beauty, kindness & peace.

We got this girl power thing down. Manifesting goodness is what we do. Mother nature is our mentor. Wholeness is our Mantra.

We believe in the ancient power of natural remedies and the yogic connection of mind, body & spirit.

We believe we are better…together.

Take a deep collective breath and sigh it out. We are a safe place where integrity reigns and we have a firm no bullshit policy.

We are here for you. You are here for us. We are all in this together.

Welcome, Sister, to the “Hood"


Oh Yes…There is more coming!

Sacred Sisters is newly arrived into being-ness. It’s an evolving community of women. At some point in the very near future, we will have a dedicated online collective…a place for you to participate in the discussion, get in on the support and nourishment and love, no matter where you live.

If you’d like to be on the list to get updates about what’s going on and what’s happening and when this online thing happens, join here: The Sacred Sisters Circle


6-7:15 pm
Location: YAM (Yoga & Massage in Hendersonville, NC - 410 S. King St.)
No Charge for this Session!

The practice this night is a slow, deep & steady. It will nourish and sooth the nervous & endocrine systems utilizing moon salutations and longer holds. You'll leave feeling nourished, strong, balanced and supported.