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A Yoga Perspective: The Shakedown on Super Foods and Your Health

As we take the practice of yoga off the mat and into our daily lives, what we eat and nourish ourselves with becomes important.

We tend to become aware of the importance of eating clean and organic foods and naturally move toward foods that have the potential to make us incredibly healthy.

Enter stage left…super foods!

You may be familiar with the term super foods but did you know that super foods are not new? I started looking hard at super foods and realized that all of them currently listed actually date back to ancient times.  We are just rediscovering what our ancestors knew instinctively!

Gotta love that!

Super foods are natural food sources with highly concentrated, complex supply of high quality nutrients with the least negative properties. The media at large push them as diet aids. However, the truth is they are not always low in calories. But that’s ok because for the number of calories present, they are ALWAYS high in nutrients and very nourishing for our bodies.  They are an excellent addition to any healthy diet.

You do want to be smart about the super food ruckus. Super foods should not be the only part of your diet.  To be optimally nourished, you want to include a combination of live, raw plant foods, super herbs and super foods (depending, of course, on your individual needs based on your health history).

Super foods can help nourish the brain, muscles, bones, organs, immune system and hair, skin and nails.  They also correct imbalance in the diet which is something that is astonishingly cool to me!  The ultimate goal would be to be able to quit taking vitamin and mineral supplements and actually get these nutrients from your foods so balance is the key when making your meals.

Super foods include:
Aloe Vera
Bee Products
Camu Camu Berry
Goji Berries
Incan Berries
Marine Phytoplankton

Adaptogen:  A plant based substance with combined therapeutic actions in the human body.  An adaptogen strengthens and invigorates the system while helping the body to deal more easily with stress of differing origin by supporting the adrenal glands.   Adaptogens are believed to reinforce the non-specific power of resistance of the body against physical, chemical or biological noxious agents. They must also have a normalizing influence and may not be harmful or alter the bodies’ normal functions.

Antioxidants:  A substance that reduces damage due to oxygen.  Think rust or an apple turning brown.

HGH:  Human Growth Hormone, Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland to fuel childhood growth and help maintain tissues and organs throughout life.  Our growth hormone slows as we age.

Polysaccharides:    A carbohydrate whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules bonded together that fortify the immune system.

Sesquiterpenoids:  A class of Terpenes that have anti-inflammatory properties.  They increase production of HGH by stimulating the pituitary and penal glands.

Now, what about you? Do you currently use super foods in your daily eating? If so which ones and what do you like about them?

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