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Yoga of Love & Self-Awareness Costa Rica

Here are some highlights from our retreat in Costa Rica! It was an amazing adventure and we all learned a little something new.  If you are in a place in your life where you are considering a retreat, I highly recommend it! Sometimes we need space and time to reflect, renew and allow our bodies and minds to regenerate as we unplug and allow the practice to take hold.

We used the “So Hum” breath mantra in our Kriya Yoga meditations and in our Hatha Yoga Practice. The Sanskrit mantra roughly translates into “I am that.” Brething in the word “so” = “I am” and breathing out the word “hum” = “that.”  In this mantra, “that” refers to all of creation, the one breathing in us all, the deepest essence of all of us….ALL of us. What a beautiful thing to contemplate…no? 🙂

The photos highlight some of the happenings and experiences but they were so numerous it would be impossible to fully show it all. I hope you enjoy what’s here and if you are thinking about a retreat for yourself, I have two words for you…DO IT.

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