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10 Tips for Yoga Newbies

These aren’t carved in stone…just some helpful suggestions for your first couple of  expeditions into the land of yoga (ie taking a yoga class).

  1. Arrive about 10 minutes early to get a good spot and get any paperwork in order you may have to fill out for your first time.
  2. Bring a yoga mat. You can try out the studio mats but my preference, as a student and a teacher, is to have my own mat…that way I’m 100% sure of where it’s been and who has been on it…just sayin’
  3. If you are attending a hot yoga class bring a towel. You’ll sweat…most likely a lot! If this is a surprise to you, you should read up on hot yoga so you’ll know what you are getting into – temps are usually in the 90 degree and up range.
  4. Bring water – you need to hydrate before and after yoga…seriously!
  5. Don’t go traipsing across the yoga studio floor in your shoes. Remove your shoes prior to entering the space where you’ll be practicing. Usually, there are cubbies to place your shoes and belongings just prior to entering a yoga room.
  6. Let your teacher know if you have injuries or conditions that might prevent you from being able to move in certain ways. On the flip side of this, your teacher SHOULD ask you this upon your arrival into his/her class but there are times when this isn’t possible so be your own best advocate!
  7. If you used a studio mat or any props, be sure to place them back where they go and clean the mat you used. Usually the teacher will tell you to leave the mats so they can be cleaned or instruct you as to where to get the cleaner to swipe it off.
  8. If you have an eye pillow, bring it along. These are AWESOME at the end of a yoga practice while in Savasana. Again, not all studios have the kind that can be laundered (if they have eye pillows at all) and similar to the bring your own mat idea…you don’t want to inherit the sweat from someone else’s brow.
  9. If you have questions ask. I don’t mean shouting out in the middle of class but if you have questions about anything that happened during your practice, feel free to ask your yoga teacher. Yoga teachers LOVE to share info and answer questions. Just ask them at the end of class. 🙂
  10. Now, this is a biggy. Turn OFF your cell. There is absolutely nothing worse than a ringing cell phone in the middle of class or worse, someone who actually answers said “ringing cell phone” and begins to have a conversation during the middle of yoga class. This does happen. I can attest to it. If you need to have the phone on (as in it’s a life or death situation), put it on silence and find a space in the back where you won’t disrupt other people if you have to check your phone and let the teacher know why you are toting that phone into class.

Again, none of these are carved in stone and each yoga studio is different but if you are navigating through this glorious yoga landscape for the first time, it’s helpful to know what to expect! Take the tips that work for you and leave the rest behind and most importantly, cheers to YOU on your yoga journey!