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Skipping Savasana = Bad Idea

Corpse Pose aka Savasana is thought by many yogis as being even better than sleep. While that can and probably is being debated even as this writing is happening, it’s an integral part of a yoga practice and many would agree the icing on the cake!

Savasana is the place where you get to really let your body assimilate all the work you’ve done during your practice. It’s that sweet spot where we get to simply “let go” and let everything, including ourselves, simple “be.” It is a restorative asana that literally restores your vigor, your zest, your verve into the rest of your day. It’s also thought to be the most difficult of poses to master. It requires stillness and peace and in a world filled with everything but stillness and peace, well…you get the point.

A five minute Savasana is certainly not horrible but a good rule of thumb to follow is 5 minutes for every thirty you practice. Your body needs time to recuperate – a vigorous vinyasa flow or power yoga practice is no joke. You will arise from this final asana feeling an amazing combination of serenity and energy.

So, there you have it. Don’t skip Savasana. We need every single bit of stillness, peace, recuperation, vigor and zest that we can get in this busy life we lead. Plus your body, mind and spirit will thank you. 🙂